6 week jump start

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6 week jump start

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Do you need a jump start to get you back on track? This 6 week program offers a great way to integrate good nutrition with keeping active to gain energy and lose weight.

this is what you will get:

  • Break through the roadblocks to your weight loss and low energy to figure out how your body works efficiently

  • Relieve the stressors of time management, anxiety, and self sabotage 

  • Inflammation reduction and gut cleansing through natural, safe food options

  • Achieve balance in your home through nutrition education and practice

  • Elevate your standard of health, comfort, and happiness


also included:

Six 1-on-1 sessions to identify the challenges keeping you frustrated, fatigued, and fed up. 

You will also receive downloadables that apply to your specific struggles for example, ebooks (5 day simple slim down), grocery lists, journaling worksheets, fitness calendars, book recommendations, and more.

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You six week package will be specifically designed to fit your needs. I will write a personalized outline for you that can include the following topics, or they can be centered around areas that concern you.

Week One

  • Clarify your specific goals
  • Identify your roadblocks and challenges
  • Specify your priorities for health and wellness
  • Clean up your mindset around nutrition and food

Week Two

  • Identify food cravings 
  • Discuss detox options
  • Crowding out method
  • Elimination techniques for sugar and processed foods

Week Three

  • Explore ways to increase your natural energy
  • Techniques for eliminating caffeine
  • Discuss implementation of proper sleep habits
  • Wake up/ Good night routines

Week Four

  • Explore physical activity
  • Figure out what makes you want to move your body
  • Find time to make it work for you

Week Five

  • De-stressing yourself
  • Prioritizing yourself
  • Prioritizing your time
  • Prioritizing your energy 
  • Discuss techniques to handle stressors that take away from your progress

Week Six

  • Wrap up week
  • Reflect on your progress throughout the program
  • Create motivational path to move forward
  • Set future goals for your health and wellness