Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, right? In short, Yes, but sometimes I'm not even hungry in the mornings, should I skip it? Is it really that bad for me? I have recently been thinking about why and how my body processes breakfast and the effects it will have on my day, but even before I would get to breakfast, I would have expended so much energy elsewhere. 

This is how it used to be:
Usually my mornings began with a 3 year old bundle of blonde curls telling me that she is ready to be served her “sear wheel”, I stumble into the kitchen with one eye open, step on at least 3 different sized legos and then realize we are out milk. As I have one 3 year old whining that she wants her breakfast now, my other two children grumpily slink up to the kitchen counter, expecting me to take their breakfast orders with a bright-eyed and bushy tailed enthusiasm.  Mostly everyone is grumpy and hungry and then they sloppily get ready for their day. They finally are out the door and it is then that I realize I have a cup of coffee that has gone cold (twice, after one failed attempt at reheating) with maybe two sips taken out of it. I then poke around random pantry drawers or open the fridge door knocked over by fumes from last nights dinner, trying to muster up the energy to think about what to eat. Am I even hungry ? My stomach doesn’t register that I have been up almost 3 hours and am contemplating going to work out. Why can't I get it together? This feeling was so usual to me that it pretty much was my normal.  Then I got to thinking, I should be feeling WAY better in the mornings!

I began to imagine a world where I would wake up, naturally, refreshed, ready to go. I have everything organized, groceries bought, prepared, and plenty of healthy options that are fresh, easy and manageable. I wanted to wake up happy and feed my body with enthusiasm.  I wanted my children to wake up happy, eat a healthy breakfast and be on their way to have a good day at school. Is it dream even possible?

I'm here to show you that, yes, it is possible!

I plan to write a series of blog posts that tackle the issues that plague us in times when we just need a bit of an electrical shock to push us back to where we want to be. The first step in this change is to adjust your mindset. You have to believe it is possible, picture it, live through the scenario in your mind. Seriously.



Ok, do you see yourself where you want to be? Awesome. Now we have a destination. How do we get there? Through this blog series I will show you my habits that you can develop to change your mornings —> days —> nights —> repeat.

  1. Good night of sleep
  2. Organize your morning
  3. Eat properly in the morning
  4. Living your best day

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