Tis the season of over-indulgence

We've made it through the spring and summer, now is the time for all the "holiday" stuff to bombard us, entice us and make us filled with cheer. The parties, the get togethers, the gifts, the FOOD... I love this time of year, mostly because of it's beauty and warmth, but it used to be a huge emotional-eating roller coaster for me as I would watch the scale move and my self esteem tank.


A few Thanksgiving's ago, I chose to start a 28 day detox right before my birthday (eeek!) and end it just after Thanksgiving. I didn't do it to prove to myself that I could, I just really wanted to see how it would make me feel. I anticipated feelings of regret, resentment and anger with my decision of no coffee, alcohol, sugar or processed foods. To my extreme surprise and delight, I experienced none of those. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't even tempted on Thanksgiving to eat things that weren't included in the detox. 

How did I not miss the pumpkin pie ?


I'm not going to say it was easy to start, but once my body was free of the toxins that were lurking, I no longer craved or even wanted sugary foods. I was satisfied with natural sugars from fruits and other plants (like stevia). There is something magical that happens in your body once the chemical dependence is gone. Your brain stops remembering that it once wanted sucrose (chemically processed sugar). Once my brain stopped demanding the unhealthy foods, I was free from the painful angel/devil on my shoulder. The choice was easy. I wanted the food that was going to make me feel good, not the food that was going to make me want to lie in a coma-state for the remainder of the day.

Now, I didn't write this post to be all about my detox, I wanted to let you know that this 3 month period of holiday cheer is a choice. You get to chose how you want to feel, look and behave. You have the power to choose your choice and figure out what is best for your body. Do you want to have a carb hangover? Does that bloated, gassy discomfort suit you?

The real question is:
Is it worth it?

Sometimes the answer is yes. And that is perfectly fine. But for the most part, the answer is no.  Remember, you can choose your choice to be a significantly smaller portion than is traditionally accepted. This way, you get to have your cake and eat a bite, too.

 Do yourself a favor this year, and ask yourself, (before you put that peppermint mocha frappacinno with mint infused whip topping in your mouth) Is this worth it?