How my Target swimsuit changed my body image.

I struggled over picking out a bathing suit this year. I wasn't into the "tenee" bikini, and the "mom" tankini was not doing it for me either. I walked into Target and off I went into the maze of swimsuit land. I picked up a few, thought about the random "openings" and strings, and pictured how my rolls would look underneath, shaking my head, and then angrily putting them back. Then I started thinking... "why do I care so much?" I mean, don't get me wrong, there is something to be said for having self awareness and dignity, but upon arriving at the pool, I would constantly be checking and looking at my shadow to see if my thighs look big in MY SHADOW!. Really, what good was it serving? After a few fleeting thoughts like "I shouldn't have had that popsicle with the kids last night".... or "I will be eating only salad this week", I feel like shit. It was then that I realized it only would wreak havoc on my self esteem and, oh yeah, forget about having a good time with my kids.

Why was I self sabotaging my pool time with this constant replay of "My body does not look the way I want it to"? I found myself picking out women at the pool that "looked better" than I did in their choice of swimsuit and then picking apart every aspect of mine in comparison. Isn't this what every woman does at the pool?

Answer: no. When I got to the pool yesterday with my kids, I threw off my cover-up and headed into the water with my daughter. She had the cutest popsicle swim shirt and bikini bottoms. It was a snug fit for sure, and her adorable 3 year old belly pulled the shirt tightly around her middle and she didn't even notice. Not only that, but she jumped in the pool without a care in the world. She never once turned around to see if anyone was looking or judging her. I sat and looked at her in amazement. Why is my 3 year old having a blast when I obsessively found myself strategically placing my arms around my middle or placing my hand just so on my thigh to cover up the cellulite?

I decided, screw this! 

If she doesn't care, why should I? I decided to stop the body shaming game and just have fun. Who cares if I am not showing of a 6 pack. I need to love my body for what it is --MINE. I need to love it, respect it and take care of it.  When did we lose sight of doing this? 

Feeding your body the fuel it needs to perform how you need it to is the key to loving yourself and appreciating your body. Respect your body and learn to love how you look. 

If you struggle with self image issues or excess weight, I can help you find the balance, self respect and the health consciousness that you need to love your body. Take time to realize that you are amazing wherever you are in your journey to awesomeness! If you would like chat about your desires for your health, click the button to set up a free 20 min session.