Have you ever felt like you are living in a perpetual state of non-progress? This has been weighing on my mind lately, as I try to understand how things stay the same as long as I let them. It had recently occurred to me that even though I had every intention of trying to will myself to feel better, look better and just BE better, nothing was changing. I was still the same weight, had the same negative feelings about my body and I just felt, oh, so tired all the time. Was it the weather? Was it my diet? I couldn't be sure. I self diagnosed (along with the help of WebMD) that I must have adrenal fatigue or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I needed a new plan. I always could find a new trending health plan that would jolt me back, but this time, I didn't feel like bouncing much. It was hard just to face the day. I could only blame my introverted-ness so much, for not wanting to go out, and be 'people-y'. What the hell was happening to me? 


It's hard to admit, especially as a practicing health coach, that I needed a swift kick in the pants. I needed to get recharged and moving again. I had reached out to fellow health coaches, some friends and of course my hard-core mom friends, and none of them solved my problems for me. Can you believe it? "HOW RUDE!", I thought. It was pretty disheartening. I didn't know where else to turn, so I decided that I would treat myself as I would anyone that came to me with the same issues: feeling unhealthy, unhappy, depressed, unsatisfied and unmotivated. I broke down the symptoms, examined the problems and looked inside at the root causes. I took time to heal my mental wounds, mistakes and forgave myself for the feelings of worthlessness. I read alot, journaled and became vulnerable.

And guess what happened? It started working! I started off slowly, with a few exercises a day, a couple minutes of cardio (which i HATE, btw), started cleaning up my shopping cart, getting organized with my meal planning (nothing fancy). I started personal development reading again, trusting myself, journaling, meditating. I basically got my shit together. No bells, no whistles, just good old fashioned organizing my thoughts, facing my fears and 'doing it'. It wasn't easy, but it was doable. It propelled me straight outta my funk. There are no cheats for this, folks, you have to be willing to do the self-examining and work it takes to move yourself forward. 


If you are feeling stuck and feeling overwhelmed with the seemingly simple stuff, you are not alone. Thousands, if not millions of us are living through this every day. It's hard to step up and be honest with yourself about the things you want to change.  It's possible for you to do it. You just have to get started. You have to be brave enough to take that first step, whether it is getting out there for a long walk, drinking more water, or talking with someone who can guide you.

Don't stay stuck another day, unless this is truly where you want to be.

If you keep doing the same things and expecting something different to happen, you will continue to be disappointed. Are you waiting for someone to come up and change you, or are you ready to step up and take responsibility to make a change!

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