how to mess up your perfect routine.

Well, we did it. We moved cross country from Southern California to Northern Virginia.  Just when I had a great routine going and was on a roll with my fitness and nutrition, we uproot and spend the better part of 9 days in a car (we drove 2 cars), 2 weeks at the in-laws and a week amongst cardboard boxes.  If you were wondering why there has been so little coming from me lately, the reason is pretty simple: my iphone has a very small screen, and even though my husband has changed the font size so that I can actually read it now, my fingers are still to fat to write anything beyond 1 sentence.

I had braced myself for a roller coaster ride of eating, drinking and sleeping, but you never really know what to expect when you are out of your comfort zone. Trust me, you can still make healthy choices, and the first and easiest one is to keep drinking water (even if you have to pull over every 42-55 minutes along route 66).

First stop, Las Vegas for 2 nights and we and the kids experienced the parts of Vegas that I had never seen. Didn't even know there was an indoor amusement park, old time photos and an arcade.  Did I cringe at the soda drinking and fast food? In one word- Yes, but I decided to let it go and focus on creating memories for the family, and realized my resistance only causes more anxiety, so C'Est la Vie. 

Day 3 set out to Zion, Utah. Driving into town was absolutely breathtaking. I had the windows rolled down and was trying to take it all in, meditating with my eyes open and my mind aware because next to me was my 9 year old son, puking his brains out into a gallon sized ziplock bag. (We decided that was the best receptacle to keep the spilling down to a minimum.)  Poor kid, got the stomach flu, right as we headed out to breakfast at McDonalds. I had abandoned all hope of eating something decent, when i ran into the mini-mart section of the gas station/McDonalds to rush my 3 year old to the toilet. "Toilet's broke" was all I could get out of the attendant, and I pleaded with her that I needed one urgently. She nodded across the street to what I can only image was the rival mini-mart, 7-11. So, I set out to find ginger ale and a toilet. Luckily, I found both, but also a pack of hard boiled eggs, a banana and a bottle of ginger Kombucha. I couldn't believe my luck!! I decided to forgo the greasy hash brown and crummy eggwich and managed to get out of that quite easily.

As I doused everyone with essential oils to ward off this impending spreading of stomach distress, I was guzzling my Kombucha and trying to remain calm.  We weren't even out of our first time zone yet and had quite a bit more road to go.  Keeping hydrated and nourished were my top priorities for my family, along with a decent night of sleep.  Fortunately, we woke to our 4th day with the faint memory of the violent stomach bug and moved onto our next stop.

Next stop was to see friends in Colorado Springs, and it was an absolute blessing and we were so grateful to have a home cooked meal and a comfortable bed! Being part of a Navy family is truly a gift that I appreciate most about this life. 

Over the next few days, with little to no exercise and all hotel breakfasts, we rolled through Kansas City, saw a baseball game in St. Louis and pushed to make it to our family in Columbus, Ohio. We spent many a meal on the road with little body movement, which I was determined not to let stress me out. I listened to audiobooks with my son, enjoyed seeing the sights, had road trip dance parties with the wind in our hair and the volume all the way up, singing at the top of our lungs. I remember this distinctly as I looked in the rear view seeing my daughter smiling and singing.

When we pulled into the driveway of our newly purchased home, my husband and I felt a sense of excitement, relief and exhaustion. I am so excited to get going with all the new discoveries here for all of us and am thrilled for the opportunity to have experienced this.  Over the past month, I let life happen. Reminds me of the John Lennon lyric: Life is what happens when your busy making other plans.  Sometimes you have to give in and just enjoy it.

In the two weeks we have been in our new house, I have joined a gym, found a hair dresser, started cooking again and have filled the fridge with healthy snacks and have handed everyone their own water bottles. We are ready for a healthy and happy summer! Bring on the sunscreen and air conditioning!