I Want to Feel Amazing This Holiday Season!

Every year, I think "What is so special about January 1st?" I know it's the beginning of a new calendar year, (which means I have to remember to start writing"  /18" when I write out the date), people like to stay up until midnight to watch people celebrate and have a good time, but other than that, where does it leave my goals and desires for the future?

I used to push off things "until January" or "after the holidays die down", but a few years ago something changed. Well, actually nothing changed when I flipped the calendar page to January. I was still eating and drinking poorly, occasionally going to the gym and had no compass to where I wanted to be.  Sure, I always wanted to "be healthier" and "feel better", but never to the point where I was willing to change.


When I cleaned up my diet a few years ago, I realized that I enjoyed the holidays, just like I did every other year previous, but I didn't have the "holiday hangover". I wasn't 5-10 pounds heavier, I wasn't lethargic and sloth-like. I was happy, healthy and ready to keep going. I still had my motivation to stay on track, enjoy myself and party with rest of them.

Choosing your health doesn't mean you turn away from the things that you love. It means that you embrace the things that you love even more. Think of how pure the joy is in the eye of a child on Christmas morning, the excitement and wonder that fills us during this season of giving and sharing. It doesn't have to revolve around food and alcohol this time. 

You can choose your health because you value how you feel, today and tomorrow.


This is certainly no easy task, if you go at alone. Having a built-in support system that will allow you to make choices, see the results and adjust according to your goals will be invaluable to your success. Don't you want to feel amazing all season long?

Let me help you. I am a certified Holistic Health Coach that supports women, (just like you!) that need a bit of realignment with motivation, support and ACCOUNTABILITY. Have you tried losing weight and getting healthy on your own? Has it worked so far? I used to get so excited to try something new, and then after a few weeks, I would be back to my old habits without having made much progress. Imagine what it would be like to have a transformation into a different type of lifestyle. Not a diet…. but your everyday, normal life, no food drama, no guilt, no emotional eating, just being happy with your choices because they make you feel better!

I want you to know that it matters how you feel and how you want to express your energy this year!!!!