Has it been that long?

100 years? No..... But almost. My life got crazy busy and more awesome at the same time. After enrolling at the institute for integrative nutrition to further my education, I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful friend named April. She showed me how nutrition and health coaching can translate into helping people reach their health, wellness and fitness goals. I started my own business through her smoothie shop at village at the park. Just down the street from my house, I am now health coach in our Camarillo community and online.

Opening my eyes to how good nutrition can truly change lives has been inspiring!! I have learned a lot about myself and my wellness as much as my clients'. I believe that taking care of your body through nutrition is the best way to better health. I have helped friends and clients find a way to feel better, lose weight and feel great.

I'm still balancing three kids and an active duty spouse, along with still teaching fitness classes at the Ymca and 24 hour fitness. So life takes crazy turns and sometimes I drop off the grid-- it's nothing personal, I'm always available to help, I just have shifts in focus.

I can't express how much gratitude and appreciation I have for my mentors, friends and family. Your support and continued love has lifted me up and allowed me to set big goals, dream big and achieve!! 

I've realized that the more attention I pay to my nutrition, the better I feel --> the harder I work --> the better I am able to help others. 

I've been inspired to take a leap of faith and see what can happen. ❤️