Post detox news-

So i'm about a week into my "after detox" life and I am still feeling great. I have kept up the eliminations, they seem like pretty natural decisions to me now.  I have been experimenting with goat cheese (did you know that the crumbles you buy for salads often-times have cow milk in it????- MIND blown!). But it didn't seem to bother me, so I'm going to keep that on my "definitely going to eat in moderation" list!!

I can across this illustration the other day. This is precisely the reason I needed to do a detox. Not to lose weight, or deprive myself of things and then once i reached a tangible goal, yo-yo back to my unhealthy lifestyle. I need to rid my body of the toxins, once and for all ! Then reintroduce certain foods to see how my body processes them. Every one's body is DIFFERENT. What works for me, might not work for you, and that's perfectly fine.  I like knowing that I am self exploring my body and how MY body works. I am offering this information to begin your brain thinking about what things you might want to try to make your body perform optimally.

You can cut things out of your everyday diet, but the toxins will still be in your body, just more concentrated. (eeeeewwwwwww gross!!) 

I just needed to push the "reset button" on my body and jump-start my cleansing organs again (liver, kidneys, etc). This detox did that wonderfully.

If you have an questions or interest in talking about a detox, or just getting your diet clean, please email me at or PM me on Facebook eleanor's fit page.