Day 28! Detox is complete!

Well, I did survive. 4 weeks down! I am pretty proud of myself for really sticking to the guidelines and experiencing freedom within the set boundaries of the Arbonne 28 day clean eating detox.

I explored new recipes, and tips, so now I am ready to coach other friends through the process. I would definitely say it was an absolute success. I have:

  1. Gained incredible amounts of energy
  2. Cut my cravings for coffee, sugar and carbs
  3. Clear, bright skin
  4. No bloat or excess puffiness 
  5. I wake up bright and well rested, with a clear head
  6. I have lost that afternoon lethargy
  7. Lost 9 lbs ! (plus i wore my skinny jeans the other night and was in zero discomfort!!! well, besides my heels, but that's another story).
  8. Best yet, I feel amazing. I mean, truly. I am happy, motivated and ready to tackle the enormous day I have in front of me. I don't have the anxiety of "trying to get everything done today but i'm too exhausted to even get started" looming over me... and i truly believe that is because I have a clear mind.

So now what do I do? I'm free, right!!!!! YES. but, I am going to be very careful about how i deal with my diet this week. I don't want to over-indulge and painfully regret my decision. But, I do want to reintroduce things into my diet to see how it makes me feel. Last detox, I realized that coffee was so bitter that it irritated my stomach all morning. So, I am going to refrain from coffee for a while and see what happens. I have my fizz sticks and detox tea, which I love hot or cold, plus my gallon of water to keep my hydrated. I am going to stick to being dairy free, and ease into the gluten as well. I am at a happy, healthy, high right now, why would I want to sabotage myself?

So, i found these delicious dinners at costco, and it was just too great to pass up and not share!
So, I added stir fry veggies, frozen shrimp and brown rice in the coconut curry.

Then i thought, why stop there? The next night, I used the vindaloo, added shredded chicken breast, peas, veggies and had it over spaghetti squash. I basically just got inspired by what was in my fridge.
NOTE ** you can do this too!! buy healthy things, keep healthy things in your fridge, and you will be inspired to eat healthy things. Strange how that works out, right?

And, as a side note, since we are on the topic of delicious, healthy and totally clean eating... I went to the cheesecake factory with my brother the other day. Was I worried? NOPE. What did I say to myself? "No problem." I got the most amazing salad- totally clean. I ordered the Vegan Cobb and added Shrimp. Used oil and vinegar as my dressing and it was so delicious. I took half of it home and had as another meal. I wasn't even tempted my the bread basket! 
You can do this too, make up your mind and make a change. You will never regret making a healthy decision.