Busy summer days and keeping balanced

So the last week has been pretty busy in my household. My husband has returned from 4 weeks away, and we are trying to catch up with all the new things that have been going on around here. We have taken a few chances to enjoy the summer sun and some time together.

Going to the beach can be awesome and so much fun for the kids. But what do I bring for the kids and me to eat? I try to go super easy and have lots of options and finger foods. Also have a fun summer mocktail in reserve to really enjoy the moment.
Nothing beats a coconut La Croix with an energy fizz in the afternoon. It makes me close my eyes and think of a tropical oasis. You simply must try this mocktail!

My kids have started embracing my healthy snack choices (lets face it, it's this or sand....). I love the travel packs of hummus and guacamole, since they are healthy and easy to eat, they make a perfect dip for rice chips or veggies.


I actually took a book and was able to sit in the shade and spend some time relaxing and renewing myself while the kids enjoyed the sand and sun. Think this is going to be happening more often.

Summer has been a bit challenging finding the time to work out when i don't have fitness classes and the kids at the gym with me. So we took a morning and I went for a nice run with the kids in tow... the boys were on their scooters and kept me company for the whole run. So I took them out for a bit of lunch and saw the "special" at our favorite restaurant was a tri-tip burrito. I was really craving some spicy Mexican, so I asked for a deconstructed burrito, no cheese, no sour cream and no tortilla. Had a bit of salsa to dip on the side, and it was perfectly filling.

 These summer days are quickly coming to an end. Soak them up, sweaty playgrounds and all :)