Mexican food? is it even possible to eat healthy?

The answer is YES. Even on a detox. I had a deliciously satisfying meal with my kids and didn't have to think twice about my choice! here the scoop.... all you need to do is figure out which protein you want, add lettuce, beans, rice, guacamole and salsa! I had a burrito without the tortilla and with all the amazing flavors in the bowl, i didn't even notice the missing cheese, sauce or sour cream. For REALZ.

It really was satisfying. And even though my kids had yummy, ooey, gooey, cheesy, bready sandwiches, I didn't even try to sneak a bite :)

You can make healthy choices at a restaurant too!! Here how!
  1. Try to get a hold of the menu online before you leave your house.
  2. Pick a dish that can easily have the sauce, dressing or questionable items "on the side".
  3. Chose a protein (chicken breast, steak, salmon), add a clean side (steamed broccoli, sweet potato - no butter, etc)
  4. Refuse the bread basket.
  5. Order water to drink. Go crazy, get lemon. I have been ordering hot water with lemon, makes me feel like i'm having a "real drink" but it's totally clean!
  6. Get a box and take half of it home, another meal that you know is clean and that you want to eat!