I've been busy!

Along with the detox that i have been going on about for a few weeks, now, I have been feeling the (delayed) spring-cleaning-fever. I have taken it upon myself to clean out my entire house. I'm talking purge-city. I am getting rid of broken toys, baby stuff, clothes and shoes, garage stuff, anything that i haven't used in the past 6 months has either been trashed or donated. I just feel like it was time to shed some of that excess that seems to drag me down every time i step into the room, garage, closet, etc!

It feels amazing. I think my internal body clock feels like i'm ready to move again... it's sneaking up on 2.5 years for us in one house and i'm itching to find out what our new adventure will be. Of course, we won't find out for months and months, and probably will be given very little notice, but i'm excited and want to enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about packing up stuff we have outgrown, don't use or just plain DO NOT NEED.

That being said, along with the detox, deep cleaning and mommy-ing, I have been studying!!!
In accordance with my goal list from day one of my blog, I have an announcement!

I decided that I want to start my own 
personal nutrition and fitness program!!!!

Having 3 kids at home for the summer with a husband away has been a challenge, but I have managed to channel that energy and put them to work! Don't worry, they have had plenty of pool time, ice cream and sunshine. But i have taken a different approach this summer. Half of the time we will be busy exploring and taking care of family things (errands, chores, healthy cooking, education through grocery shopping, etc) and the other half will be fun! pure fun. if that means watching a movie, playing iPad, meeting friends at the beach or pool, then so be it! It has been paying off with worn-out kids and a certain mom-satisfaction. I have also increased my workload by picking up many more group fitness classes (everyone is on vacation-whaaaaa?), so by subbing classes, I am keeping up with my workouts, letting the kids have some socialization time in the child cares, and earning a little extra money for our end of summer adventures!

By the way, I would be remiss if i did not mention that this detox has been AMAZING in giving me much more energy and a brightness and motivation that had been buried deeeeeeeeeeeep inside me (buried under the weight of 3 kids). I wake up jumping out of bed and ready to rock on with the goals and responsibilities of the day. I can't stress enough how amazing it is to get truly restful sleep!!

I'm so proud that I had made a goal list and I'm slowly checking off the items one and at time. I set these goals thinking to myself "they are a bit lofty, but i'll give it a whirl..." and guess what? I held myself to that standard and pushed (hard) until I got there! You can do it too. What are your goals for next month, six months, one year? Where do you want to be, either in your personal life, relationship, education or physical fitness? Have you ever talked about them with anyone or written them down? Try it. 

Just. Try. It.