I'm day 4 into the detox...

I'm alive. I'm alive, I just have been a bit occupied with family life for a few days. I have been picking up extra classes at the gym, and sailing through summer. I have also been sticking strong to the detox! And I am starting to feel.... fabulous! I say starting, because in the late afternoons I am having (albeit weak) headaches and fatigue, which is common when your body is letting go of the toxins and making your cravings strong.

Did you know that you carry around almost 5 lbs of toxins in your gut, just from eating what you might consider "normal" food?  On the detox, that is the first fast five that I lose.

That is the first to go on this regimen. When i say regimen, it's not that i'm taking some magic pill in the morning that flushes me out all day long, I have just eliminated toxic and allergic-laden foods from my diet and have increased the water and nuetrients my body needs. Having nutrient rich foods and also the added bonus of a digestive plus- it's prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes that help to support optimal digestive health. (trust me, you can tell the difference not only in the way your gut feels, but how food is transformed... if you get my drift...💩).

This is what I used to eat....


So, what have I really been eating lately? here are a few snapshots:

Pool snack. I made homemade hibiscus tea (with a pinch of stevia), green apple slices and a pack of almond butter, in a convenient travel packet.

Sweet snack: rice cracker thins with almond butter and banana slices.

Savory snack: rice cracker thins with hummus and fresh tomatoes, little salt and pepper, with a lemon La Croix to wash it down.

Breakfast before a workout: Sweet potato hash with onions (sautéed with olive oil), and a over-easy egg on top. I had a cup of Pomegranate Fizz stick with hot water- picture clean energy with a sweet twist. perfect for my morning cup!! Gives me a lift like coffee never could. It's easy on my system, all natural ingredients, delicious and best of all- it doesn't give me a stomach ache like coffee does. If you are interested in finding alternatives to black tea or coffee, let me know, these fizz sticks have changed my morning for the better, the way, way better!

I alternate between a solid food breakfast (above) and a delicious protein smoothie. I have a few recipes for those, I will save for another day. Sometimes if i wake up hungry, (after my 12 hour fast through the night), I crave solid food. I usually have some leftovers from dinner the previous night and I will throw an egg on top and call it delicious!! Can you say spaghetti squash with eggs? I know, i'm weird like that sometimes!! 

Lunch break: usually i get home from the gym, runs a few errands and i'm ready to EAT. with ALL CAPS. So, i have found that throwing together a gourmet-ish salad really does the trick for me. Not only does it fulfill my hunger, it lasts me until late in the afternoon. I throw in organic spring greens, sliced hard boiled egg, 2 sliced beets (all natural, not canned), sliced grilled chicken breast (from last nights' dinner), sliced tomatoes, and whatever other veggies I have in the fridge. I sliced up a half an avocado, sprinkled the salad with salt and pepper, added some good quality EVOO, put a bowl on top of my bowl and shook. The avocado breaks down into a wonderful dressing mixed with the olive oil, and it's a perfectly clean, delicious, detox friendly lunch!

Dinner: when the kids want/need tacos, I make tacos! I just don't eat them. (insert cheeky smile 😋) I make extra-lean turkey with taco seasoning and salsa. Over a bed of greens with fresh tomatoes and avocado slices, it makes me think i'm having tacos! Plus the added crunch of a small handful of rice chips, I don't feel like i'm missing out on the chips and salsa, either. I don't miss the cheese or sour cream that i used to HAVE to have!.

So, I have been busy living life, but been sticking to my guns and feeling so much better. No booze, no coffee and no toxins. It's been a wonderful week in the life of a detoxer. If you are interested in joining me, or want more information about fizz sticks or digestive plus, please let me know!  Or if you have questions about anything I'm wring about, please ASK! duelleywife@yahoo.com.