Detox day 1. Post apocalypse. Just kidding.

I've been here before, but day one of the detox is always an exciting, hopeful and sometimes painful time. So my body is going to slowly (naturally) detox from all the allergens and toxins I had continual put into it. Now if this is something that sounds wonderful, but:

  1. it's way too difficult to try
  2. too many limitations
  3. too hard to fit in with my life
  4. i LOVE coffee
  5. and gluten
  6. and it's my (or someone else's) birthday in a few weeks
  7. and i'm not allergic to stuff
  8. and donuts
but.... I'm kind of always tired, often have headaches, feel lethargic and have to PUSH myself to do everyday things that I feel guilty that I'm too tired to do..... want to be more fit and healthy, but it's just too overwhelming with all the powders, bars, shakes, spandex. I would love to lose 10 lbs, though.... hmmmm........

Ok, I understand. I do totally understand. I said those same things before the first time I tried it. There was NO way i could give up that steaming, rich, dark coffee with a swirl of cream and sugar in the mornings. Couldn't do it, didn't want to do it, thanks for playing, goodbye.

But- I thought, why do i love coffee so much? what is it about it that I have to have? Is it just that i love a warm cup of something that eases me into my hectic morning? Could i possibly replace it with something healthier? What is the worst that could happen... that I hate the detox and go back to my regular tired life??  

So, I did do it. I gave all of these things up. not forever. just for one day, then two, then a week and so forth. Let's start with day one. What if i told you that you would have MORE energy without coffee. Would you believe me? because it's true.

This is the basic layout of what I will be eliminating from my diet:
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Peanuts and Peanut Butter
  • Sugar, Honey, maple syrup
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol 
  • All fruit, except lemons, limes, green apples and berries
  • Pork
  • Farm Raised Fish
  • Non cage free eggs
  • Non free range chicken
  • All beef, other than grass fed
  • White Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Nitrates
  • MSG
  • Vinegar
This is the basic layout of the things that I will be Enjoying:
  • Almonds, Coconut and Flax milk
  • Brown Rice
  • Raw Almonds
  • Almond butter
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Stevia, Xylitol
  • Green and herb Tea
  • Non starchy Vegetables
  • Organic green apples and berries
  • Cage-free Eggs
  • Wild caught cold water fish
  • Free range chicken and turkey
  • Grass fed beef
  • Sweet potatoes, Yams and turnips
  • Legumes
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil, Grapeseed Oil, coconut Oil and Flaxseed Oil
Ok, now that is out of the way, what in the world CAN I EAT FOR DINNER?

I will post my recipes during this amazing (ly difficult) time. If you want to follow along, or just try out a few things, please let me know. I would be happy to give you the inside scoop or even have you as a sidekick for my detox!!! PM me on Facebook or email me with any questions.