Challenge yourself!

Ok, so i'm gearing up for my third bootcamp for physical fitness. I'm excited! I am learning new things as I am going along, and this time is going to be great! if you are local, you are welcome to join me!! If you are reading from afar, you can still do something to challenge yourself. So what does that really mean?

A few posts back, I mentioned about setting goals for yourself, real, tangible, step by step goals. If this includes feeling better, physically, mentally and emotionally, then getting fit is going to help with those goals. You can start by setting a fitness goal. Everyone has to start somewhere. This could be anything from walking 5 miles a week to attending 5 fitness classes a week. Wherever you are in your life, you can do better! Make the time for yourself and your health.

Do you get restful sleep? set a sleep goal for yourself. Do you want to feel healthier and wake up in a good mood? Then you need to clean up what you put in your body. Everyday. Start with day one. Write a plan.  If you are still struggling with how to do this, let me know, i can help!

For some of my followers that are not on Facebook, I wanted to make sure you knew the details of my signature "Back to School" Fitcamp. Join me for some sweat and fitness!