are you guilty? should you be?

Clean eating isn't always fun and easy. Sometimes it's difficult, frustrating and tiresome. Just keep in mind, the more practiced you are, the more it will feel normal, and therefore not a chore to choose what to eat. Think of it this way, if you were deathly allergic to something, you would go out of your way to stay away from it, even if it was everywhere you turned..... you should think of processed sugars, carbs and packaged foods that way too! Sometimes, it's inevitable that you will eat it, it won't kill you (in the short run, anyway), sometimes convenience just wins out-- I get it-- and that is OK!!! It's ok. Take a deep breath, it is Ohhhhh Kayyyyy. 

The action of choosing something "bad" to eat can somehow be justified due to stress, bad days, getting bad news, getting good news, its my birthday, my husband got a promotion---WHATEVER YOU WANT TO INSERT HERE- and it turn why you deserve this "treat".

I used to do it all the time. "I ran 3 miles this morning, so I can have a cupcake, I deserve it."  Think about that statement for a minute- wait--- WAIT a second. You did something good for your body, so you deserve to trash it? Doesn't make any sense, does it? They do not equal out. This isn't a weights and measures game. This is your body. Your temple. The ONLY one you get. This one.

So..... where do we go from here?? Listen, I am totally down with hitting a drive thru and chowing down, once in a BLUE moon. I'm not preaching here, I'm simply saying, give yourself permission to indulge, just control it- it's not an bottomless bowl of queso. Set a limit, and stick to it. You're a grown up person.

Can you justify to yourself 1 ice cream cone? Yes. 1 s'mores? Yes. 1 cheeseburger with fries? Yes. You can! you definitely can. Can you justify a week of unhealthy binge eating? NO. But ask yourself the question, make the decision, carry through and MOVE ON. Next time, make a healthier decision.  Harboring guilt and self-loathing will lead to binge eating, uncontrollable cravings and self pity. Don't do it. You are better than that.

Ok, had to get that off of my chest. Now on with the yummy detox delights I have put together today :)

Smashed two hard boiled eggs with avocado mayo, mustard and small chopped onion. Put it on a rice cracker with fresh tomato slices, salt and pepper. So amazing, fulfilling and perfect for my detox.

Wait- did you say avocado mayo? yes, yes, i did. Check it out. Costco. Boom.

 Deconstructed burger. Grass-fed beef patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle with mustard. 
Roasted sweet potato fries.  So full of flavor-- I didn't miss a thing!