Almost half-way through.... so far, so awesome!

Well, it's been 10 days of this detox and i've noticed a few things:

  1. I'm sleeping AH-maze-INGLY. I mean, like a rock. I close my eyes, next minute, it's 7.5 hours later (only bc i have a little one asking to get into bed with me... ). Sound, deep, and totally refreshed.
  2. I'm clear headed. No headache, discomfort, stuffiness, or "allergies".
  3. I haven't had a stomach ache, guttural discomfort, bloating or nausea.
  4. I haven't been hungry throughout the day.
  5. I sneaked onto the scale and lost 7lbs.
  6. I slipped easily into my skinny jeans and was not uncomfortable.
I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE I KNEW THAT I WOULD!!!!!!!!!

-----> this is why I do this detox!!! <----------

So, life is good. I'm starting to realize that these changes in my diet, are not really that difficult. I feel like it's pretty normal now. I eat a protein shake throughout my day, and clean, wholesome foods (planned ahead of time), drink plenty of water and have my fizz sticks and detox tea to add to my day.

Took the kids out for ice cream last night.... but i just had water. And i didn't feel cheated at all!! I knew i had planned a healthy meal waiting for me at home. 

I decided i needed to use up some stuff in my fridge, so i threw together a spaghetti squash and creamy tomato sauce with chicken. I'm calling it, Clean, creamy tomato chicken. (I could, (and will) eat this for daaaaaaaays!!! SO YUM.)




I use an insta-pot pressure cooker anytime i'm making sauces. it's so quick and easy that I can literally throw anything in that pot, and it cooks it into a delicious, hearty, healthy meal! So, are you wondering about the cream I added to the sauce? it was coconut cream! I got it at trader joes! it was thick, rich, and added just enough sweetness to the sauce (to combat the acidity in the tomatoes), to make a delicious addition to my spaghetti squash. (NO- it didn't taste like coconut, don't worry!!).

I got some fresh basil from my outrageously growing herb tub in the back yard, added salt and pepper, then turned the pot on for 7 minutes. I added a few chicken tenderloin pieces for a bit of a protein boost, cooked another 7 minutes, and VIOLA. 

I just love using up ingredients in the fridge!! 

Well, i hope you enjoyed the snapshot into my kitchen. I am coming up with some great dessert / sweet snack ideas to get me through this detox, and this shift in my clean lifestyle!