What do you mean, detox?

Does that sound appealing to you? a total body detox? When i first heard that word, i envisioned alot of diarrhea and terrible gnashing of teeth, but all for a greater good. I am going to feel great after all of that hard "work" of depriving my body of all the good things I love to eat? Just so I can starve myself and then blow it all after the detox is over? Maybe lose a few lbs, walk around in my skinny jeans and then reward myself with a huge pasta dinner with buttered garlic rolls? Sounds like a vicious, unhealthy cycle. Why bother? What's the point?

Well, i have found the answer! Let me first tell you a bit about why I am doing a detox and why I do it a few times a year.

For me, I was feeling tired all the time (what else is new with 3 kids, right?), I felt like when i worked out, that I could do better, but just didn't have the "umph" behind it to do more.  I would have random stomach aches or lethargy after eating. I would pound a coffee mid afternoon to get through the rest of the day. When i got hungry, I would look around and grab the first semi-healthy thing i could find, and call it a snack. I also felt a constant craving for foods i shouldn't have and then indulging, then feeling guilty, then punishing myself afterwards. Hence -->vicious unhealthy cycle.

Do YOU feel sluggish? often bloated after eating? constantly tired throughout the day? get stomach aches or distress after eating? find yourself in a "want to be healthy, but don't really have a plan" cycle that leads you to blow your counted calories by splurging? Trying to be good, but end up failing because you aren't sure what to eat, when and how much? Do you not want to count calories, measure your food on a scale and be free to make the choices you want? Yes, me too.

What if i told you there is a way to not be hungry, have the freedom to chose foods that are going to feed you body so you can feed your mind a soul? (ok that sounds cheesy, but it's true. Once your body is running at maximum efficiency, you will feel so great, at first, it's euphoric!)

Well, I can tell you that this 28 day detox will take away all of those negative things, and more. Here are some awesome benefits your body will feel:

There are so many reasons your body needs this program. I cannot even begin to tell you what it feels like once you treat your body the way it was intended. You have no idea how GOOD you can actually feel. It's truly amazing and has changed my life. 

So.... if it's so great, why do i keep doing it, over and over? Because it is a detox designed to show you what your body can handle and what things your body has trouble digesting. Every body is different. Once the detox is finished, you can slowly reintroduce things into your diet in a controlled manner and take what you have learned to create a lifestyle that fits into your life the way YOU want it to. It's a self-teaching tool that I can personally stand up and say is absolutely, 100% proven effective.

No gimmicks, no magic pill, no crazy cayenne pepper, just pure, clean healthy food and nutrients.

Take this time to teach yourself what your body needs.

Stay tuned,  now that i have told you the "why" next I will explain the "what".