Starting with a new idea....

As I take a few more steps in the direction of physical fitness and healthy living, I decided I will start to document a few of my goals, ideas and inspiration, so that I might help others who want to do the same. Recently, I have acquired my Nutrition and Wellness Certification and also Group Fitness, and have started my Personal Training Certification.

Some of my goals for this summer:
1. Increase my group fitness class number to at least 5x a week. (Currently at 4)
2. Get my certification for Personal Training.
3. Come up with a plan to maximize my knowledge and time for the most profitable outcomes.
4. Write a plan for my nutrition workshops and carry out.
5. Restructure my fit camp for the "back to school" edition in the fall.
6. Write a balanced nutrition plan that I can use.
7. Write a blog to put all of my ramblings in one place and hold myself accountable.

With the above list, I am balancing 3 young kids home for the summer, and my husband will be away with work for 6 weeks.

I want to write a blog about everything. Being a mom. Being a 38 year old woman. Being a fitness instructor. Being a best friend. Being a daughter. Being a stay-at-home cooker, floor cleaner, pick-up artist, toilet trainer, vacuum extraordinarre, baseball mom, chess teacher, wine taster, girls night out participator, clean(ish) eater, grocery shopper, recipe maker, chicken-nugget defroster and a smoothie experimenter.

If that sounds like something that might interest you, then, please keep reading.